The study at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague is my first introduction into pictorial art. In 2001 I finish the study specializing in drawing and painting.

The main accent on the imagery itself in the following years gradually is shifting towards the content. This becomes the starting point for al my work. To this end I also start creating stories. These develop into fragments of a world in which reality and fantasy are blended. To get some order I create a spatial-time construction with the website moment 0 in which all these fragments are given a place, like in a notebook. The fantasies are mainly expressed with imagery, sometimes in short texts.

Next to this I may also paint and draw from direct experience in my surrounding. This can be anything, including topics from actuality, as can be seen in my website fake - fiction - news. Positioning yourself above parties and the often polarized discussions about this topic makes you realize that in provided news fantasy does often play as important a role as it does in art. Can you really draw sharp boundaries here?

Studio: Joseph Ledelstraat 1 C, Den Haag